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Divorce is never easy, and it can be even more difficult when children are involved. When you are going through a divorce, you need an experienced attorney who will fight for your rights and interests. At the Law Office of Mark M. Childress, P.C., we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation to our clients. Our team understands that you have a life and a family, and we will do our best to help you through this difficult time as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Here are several reasons why you should choose our firm:

  • Expertise: Mark M. Childress is an accomplished divorce attorney with extensive knowledge of Texas divorce laws. He has successfully handled numerous divorce cases, including complex high-net-worth divorces, custody battles, and property division disputes.
  • Compassion: We understand the emotional toll divorce can take on individuals and families. Our team approaches each case with empathy and sensitivity, ensuring that your emotional well-being is a top priority throughout the process.
  • Personalized Representation: No two divorces are the same, and we tailor our legal strategies to meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you seek an amicable settlement or a vigorous courtroom battle, we will work with you to achieve the best possible resolution.
  • Local Knowledge: As an Arlington-based law firm, we have a deep understanding of the local legal landscape and court procedures. This local knowledge can be a significant advantage in your divorce case.

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Texas Divorce Laws

Before filing for divorce in Texas, either you or your spouse must meet certain residency requirements. At least one of you must have lived in Texas for the preceding six months and in the county where you plan to file for divorce for the preceding 90 days.

Texas allows for both "no-fault" and "fault-based" grounds for divorce. The most common ground for divorce in Texas is "insupportability." This means that the marriage has become insupportable due to discord or conflict that cannot be resolved, and there is no reasonable expectation of reconciliation.

Here is a brief explanation of the divorce process in Texas:

  • Filing a Petition: The divorce process begins with one spouse filing a Petition for Divorce in the appropriate Texas county court. The spouse who files is called the "petitioner," and the other is the "respondent."
  • Temporary Orders: In some cases, either party may request temporary orders to address issues like child custody, child support, and temporary spousal support while the divorce is pending.
  • Service of Process: The respondent must be served with a copy of the divorce petition, usually through a process server or constable. Once served, the respondent has a specific timeframe to respond to the petition.
  • Discovery: Both parties exchange financial information and relevant documents in a process called discovery. This helps in the division of property and determination of child custody and support.
  • Mediation: Many Texas courts require mediation to resolve disputes related to child custody and property division. Mediation is an opportunity for both parties to work with a neutral mediator to reach an agreement.
  • Trial: If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, the case will go to trial. Each party presents their case to the judge, who then makes decisions on issues such as property division, child custody, and support.
  • Final Decree of Divorce: Once the judge has made decisions or the parties have reached an agreement, a Final Decree of Divorce is prepared and signed by the judge. This document finalizes the divorce, and both parties are legally divorced.
  • Post-Divorce Matters: After the divorce is finalized, both parties must adhere to the terms of the divorce decree. This may include ongoing child custody and support arrangements, spousal support, and property division as outlined in the decree.

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At the Law Office Of Mark M. Childress, we understand that divorce is a life-altering event, and we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate this difficult journey with care, competence, and professionalism. Attorney Mark M. Childress has established a strong reputation as an Arlington divorce lawyer who is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. With years of experience in family law and a deep understanding of Texas divorce laws, Mark and his team are here to provide the legal guidance and support you need.

No matter what your situation, we can help. We offer a full spectrum of legal services, including appeals. Our goal is to help you get through your divorce as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

We will take care of the details, so you can focus on your family. To learn more about how we can help you, call us at (817) 497-8148 or contact us online

The Opinions That Matter Most

  • My questions were heard and answered without having to ask twice.

    “Value a capable team with experienced staff. For the past 9 months, the folks at the Law Offices of Mark Childress handled my case with class and empathy. My questions were heard and answered without having to ask twice. I felt like I was kept in the loop and always briefed properly. As I move forward with other ventures I wouldn't be surprised if we crossed paths again. And hats off to Konner, THANK YOU!”

  • Mark was there to answer every question, every phone call and did it in a way that I felt as if I were his only client.

    “I needed an attorney who would stand up for me and my child during a very hard time. Mark was there to answer every question, every phone call and did it in a way that I felt as if I were his only client. He was very knowledgeable not only about the law but about the opposing attorney and the judge. He prepared me well and we won our case. I would recommend Mark Childress to anyone who is fighting for custody or in need of child support.”

  • I highly recommend him and his staff. They are courteous, prompt and they care.

    “I called in inquiring about a divorce and how it all happens. I had 2 people call me back within an hour and in an hour maybe 2 I was talking with the lawyer. I highly recommend him and his staff. They are courteous, prompt and they care. Divorce is the hardest thing we will go through minus losing a kid and his team will be retained. He even called me back himself the next day to see how I was. Great service.”

  • This guy is amazing. In a matter of minutes, he accomplished what no other attorney could in 6 years.

    “This guy is amazing. In a matter of minutes, he accomplished what no other attorney could in 6 years. He had my case figured out in 1short conversation and had what he called "a convoluted mess" fixed. I'm pretty sure my ex felt like he'd been hit by a bus. My family is finally in tact and everyone is finally happy.”

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    Our Attorneys personally handle each case themselves. You will have direct access to your attorney to be able to get the answers that you need. 

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    Honesty and transparency are critical in building trust with your attorney. You will always know what is going on with your case every step of the way.
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    At our firm you're not just a case number, our staff will always know the status of your case and help to make your situation more manageable.

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