Standard Vs. Expanded Standard Possession

The most important decision that parents will need to make in the course of a divorce is how they can protect their time with their children. One of the key issues is whether a standard possession schedule is in the best interest of the child or whether all parties could be better served by expanded standard possession.

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Standard Possession

When people think of a "normal" custody arrangement, they are thinking about standard possession. In a standard possession arrangement, a parent will have custody of a child every first, third and fifth weekend of the month, usually from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Sunday. This is ideal for parents who do not live close enough to the child's school and are unable to get him or her there on Monday morning.

Expanded Standard Possession

For parents who live close enough together to make it work, expanded standard possession can give a nonprimary caregiver more time with his or her child. In a typical expanded standard possession arrangement, a parent will take possession of a child once school lets out on Thursday, and then maintain possession until school resumes on Monday.

Expanded has the added benefit of avoiding the "hand-off" between parents, which is ideal in situations where parents are prone to high conflict.

Which Custody Agreement Is Right For You?

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