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Posts tagged "High asset divorce"

Retirement accounts often divided in divorce

For people in Texas considering a divorce, the financial aspects of the end of a marriage can be complex and challenging. Retirement funds are often some of the largest and most important assets of a couple divided in a divorce settlement, and given the importance of these funds to the financial future of the spouses, they require additional attention. Different types of accounts can be governed by varying rules for division in divorce.

Reasons to keep some property separate in a divorce

Couples in Texas might want to consider creating prenuptial agreements or taking other steps to protect their finances in case of divorce. While some people might think these agreements suggest they are not taking the marriage seriously, they could actually provide valuable security.

Emotions trouble young divorcees more than financial hurdles

Although divorce at any age presents people in Texas with difficult feelings, younger divorcees report less social support from their peers when their marriages end. With the age of first marriage rising, people who divorce in their 20s typically do not have any friends who have been through the experience. Most of their friends have not been married yet, and young divorcees feel uncomfortable discussing their divorces so soon after celebrating their weddings. Despite the emotional difficulties, young people typically avoid the complexities of property division that stress so many of their older counterparts facing divorce.

Financial matters critical in divorce planning

For Texas couples whose marriages are ending, financial planning may be a critical issue. In cases where children are not involved, finances are often the most important factor. Divorce is about beginning anew, severing ties. When it comes to untangling the marital financial situation, each party should address funding the divorce and life thereafter. Awareness of a few financial planning strategies can help people handle the process.

Divorce can impact credit rating

Texas couples most likely know that divorce can lead to a heavy emotional and financial burden. For example, finances may be strained as exes adjust to living with only one income in the household. Considering how much income and property ownership can change, it's not surprising that divorce will even affect credit ratings.

Cryptocurrency presents a new wrinkle in asset division

Divorce can be a complicated matter for people in Texas and across the United States. For people with significant assets to split, there may be little financial desperation; however, in a high-asset divorce, both parties are highly invested in protecting their wealth and emerging from the divorce with everything intact. One emerging aspect for property division in a divorce has been the rise of bitcoin.

Disentangling assets can be challenging for older divorcees

Divorce can pose a unique set of concerns for spouses near retirement age in Texas. Since retirement can be associated with a reduction in income, even those with extensive savings may have particular challenges during a divorce. This is a major problem for many seniors as the divorce rate for couples over 50 has escalated continually since 1987. Indeed, one out of every four couples makes the decision to divorce after the age of 50.

Jointly held credit card debt could be a liability in divorce

A divorce in Texas often involves untying the financial knots that bind spouses. While the divorce decree should determine who pays what debts, sometimes people need to take action on jointly held credit cards prior to the completion of the divorce process.