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Posts tagged "co-parenting"

Why divorced parents should start planning for the holidays now

Holidays can be a great time of stress, even when everyone gets along. There are a lot of pressures, expectations and obligations that can make it seem like anything but the "most wonderful time of the year." Add a recent divorce into the mix and the holiday season can be downright miserable.

3 successful tips for better co-parenting

Co-parenting after a divorce is largely a matter of negotiation and clear communication, which makes it sound simple. The fact is, when parenting across two households, and negotiating the needs and details of all the members of the family, that communication is often difficult to maintain.

Co-parenting issues after a divorce

Raising a child is difficult enough when you are married. After divorce, co-parenting with your former spouse or partner adds extra challenges. Be aware of common co-parenting issues that arise after divorce to avoid co-parenting conflicts.