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Posts tagged "Child Support"

Help for parents who can't afford child support

The best interests of children are usually on everyone's mind when decisions about child support are made. Unfortunately, the family court system in Texas is very flawed, and parents are sometimes required to pay far more than they can actually afford on their level of income. Parents who have this type of financial trouble get a lot of negative attention, sometimes even obtaining the label of deadbeat from the media. As a result, they may too afraid or ashamed to ask for help.

What to know about child support during the shutdown

Federal employees who are parents and who aren't working because of the government shutdown are still required to make child support payments. However, authorities in Texas say that they are aware the shutdown could make it difficult to make those payments on time. Parents are encouraged to contact state authorities to discuss their options and to possible make alternate payment arrangements. Noncustodial parents are also encouraged to talk with the custodial parent about alternate payment options.

Child support is the leading reason for wage garnishment in U.S.

When noncustodial parents in Texas are unable to meet child support obligations, one possible method of collection is wage garnishment. Roughly 7 percent of Americans have money automatically subtracted from their paychecks for garnishment purposes, according to data collected by a leading research institute. It's a process that's sometimes a source of stress for both employees and employers. However, garnishment is not the same across all job sectors and geographic locations.

Determining the need for DNA paternity testing

It's fairly common for DNA testing to be involved in family law cases in Texas when there are questions about parentage. Sometimes during divorce, people question whether they are actually their children's biological parent. Paternity can also become an issue if couples were unmarried when a child was conceived. In situations like this, a father is not automatically considered a child's legal father. In fact, an "alleged father" does not have to be listed on a birth certificate as a father unless he has been legally determined to be so.

The importance of DNA tests with child support disputes

As some Texas families find out when they begin a child support case, a DNA test might be required to settle the case. A DNA paternity or maternity test often means the difference between a parent and child receiving support from the non-custodial parent or not.

Understanding child support cases

Not all Texas residents who pay or receive child support have the same type of child support case. In fact, there are four types of support cases created by Title IV of the Social Security Act of 1975. Title IV established the grants to fund aid and services to families and children in need. To understand how individual child support cases work, it is important to learn the differences between these four types.

Buying a home when back child support is owed

Child support is counted as debt when applying for a loan or attempting to obtain a mortgage from a lender to purchase a home. Therefore, if a Texas parent is delinquent on payments, it will show up as a derogatory credit event. This could minimize the odds that the homebuyer will get the loan. Nevertheless, not all loan programs automatically disqualify applicants because of back child support issues.

Types of joint custody and child support

Many parents in Texas share joint custody of their children. These moms and dads should make sure they understand the differences between joint legal and physical custody when discussing how to share parenting time and responsibilities. The type of custody a parent has been granted in a court order can determine their legal obligation to pay child support.

Britney Spears, Kevin Federline resolve child support dispute

Texas fans of singer Britney Spears may have heard that she and her ex, Kevin Federline, were in a child support dispute. Federline was claiming that the amount originally set should be raised since Spears was making so much more money at her residency in Las Vegas. Federline, on the other hand, cannot get dancing work anymore because of his age and has struggled to make ends meet.