Dealing with False Domestic Violence Allegations

Moving Forward in the Face of Difficulty

If you are dealing with false allegations of domestic violence, it can feel like you are living in a nightmare. These accusations can be incredibly damaging to your reputation, and they can also lead to serious legal consequences. If you are facing false accusations of domestic violence, it is important to take action right away.

Keep reading to learn how to deal with false accusations of domestic violence.

Call an Attorney

If you are dealing with false accusations of domestic violence, it is important to stay calm and collected. The first thing you should do is get in touch with a lawyer who specializes in dealing with these types of cases. They can advise you on the best course of action to take.

Begin Gathering Evidence

It is important to gather any evidence that may prove your innocence. This can include text messages, emails, or witnesses who can attest to your character. Once you have gathered this evidence, you need to present it to your lawyer so they can build a strong defense for you.

Cooperate with the Investigation

If the police are called to investigate the allegations, it is important to cooperate with them. This means answering any questions they have and being completely truthful. Lying to the police can only make your situation worse.

Be Prepared for Anything

Unfortunately, even if you are innocent, dealing with false accusations of domestic violence can be a long and difficult process. It is important to be prepared for anything that may happen. This includes being ready for court appearances and dealing with negative publicity.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

If you find yourself in this situation, remember to stay calm and follow the advice of your criminal defense attorney. By taking these steps, you will increase your chances of getting through this difficult time successfully. At Law Offices Of Mark M. Childress, we work tirelessly to protect our clients' rights, especially when they've been falsely accused of a crime they didn't commit.

Learn more about how we can help or schedule a consultation by calling (817) 497-8148 or by visiting our website.

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