The Importance of Accurate Asset Valuation in a High-Asset Divorce

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Know the True Worth

When going through a divorce of any level, those involved want to receive their fair share in property division. Those with a higher number of assets have additional factors at stake that can raise the tension involved in the process. In order to ensure that property is divided in an equitable manner, it is important that all assets disclosed be assessed in order to determine their accurate value.

Asset Division That Is Truly Equitable

If you own a business or have a vast portfolio of other complex assets, ensuring that they are accurately valued removes a potential headache later on in property distribution. Knowing the accurate value of a business or investment portfolio provides a much better vision for how much everything is truly worth and can give a greater chance at a truly equitable division of assets.

For example, say that you own a business and several investments, and you would prefer to keep the business in the divorce. By hiring someone to determine the value of your assets, you could walk away with that business while an equitable amount of other assets go to your spouse.

Removes Potential for Hidden Assets

In addition, working to accurately value all of your assets can ensure that no stone is left unturned and no asset is left undisclosed. Undisclosed assets, known as “hidden assets,” can cause a serious problem in your divorce.

If it is determined that you have left assets off of your financial affidavits, then there is the possibility for consequences ranging from the value of those assets being awarded to the other spouse to paying court and attorney fees for both parties. It is important to work with an expert capable of calculating the value of all that you own.

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