Should You Separate From Your Spouse?

Sometimes, individuals may want the option to reconcile with their spouse before filing for divorce. In other situations, spouses may have alternate reasons to stay together, even if they find their marriage unsustainable. If you're considering separating from your spouse, you've come to the right place - it's what today's blog is all about.

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You Want to Reconcile, But Need Some Space

Many people who want to reconcile with each other and heal their marriage end up legally separating for a while. Taking time away from your spouse to explore hobbies and “find yourself” again, so to speak, can be a necessary step if you want to repair your marriage.

Additionally, if other factors play a role in the desire to divorce - such as one party having developed a dependency on drugs or alcohol - separating may be a necessary step to ensure both parties remain safe while the individual in question receives the treatment they need.

You Want a More Amicable Divorce

Even if you're set on divorcing your spouse and want to do so amicably, separating could help you achieve your goals. Living apart from one another can reduce friction during the divorce process. It can also make it easier for both parties to think about the divorce and how they wish to proceed.

These aspects can ease the process of negotiation procedures, such as mediation. Even if you want to remain friends with your spouse and resume more consistent friendly contact after finalizing your divorce, legally separating and taking some time apart can help enhance your chances of success during the divorce process.

You Want to Maintain Certain Marriage Benefits

If you legally separate, you may still be able to retain certain benefits provided by your spouse (or vice versa), such as health care. As a result, many spouses who find their marriages are no longer working, but know that certain benefits help one party maintain a good quality of life, choose to separate for a time while finalizing their divorce.

Additionally, if one party lacks financial stability, legally separating while they search for better work or find benefits of their own could help reduce the overall burden of the divorce on the party supplying the benefits, so legal separation can also help reduce the cost of the divorce.

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