Dirty Tricks Used by Parents in Child Custody Cases

Sad child and fighting parents

“I want sole custody.” We’ve heard this phrase numerous times from parents who are about to divorce or separate and believe that this is how to win their custody battle. Many of them don’t realize that this is the wrong approach, and it can unintentionally hurt the kids involved.

In Texas, custody decisions are based on the child’s best interests. Unless a parent is abusive, incarcerated, or struggling with substance abuse, sole custody does not meet that standard. Still, some parents resort to dirty tricks to retain full custody of their children or as a way to get back at their ex. We want to add a disclaimer that this strategy could backfire and have consequences for anyone who tries to do it.

5 Tactics to Wrongly Win Child Custody

The opposing side could employ games of distraction and manipulation to get a reaction out of you. Here are the top 5 dirty tricks you should keep an eye out for during your custody battle:

  • The other parent may speak negatively about you to your children to influence their view of you. This can be bad, especially if the children are old enough to discuss their preferences in court.

  • The other parent may file additional motions in court to prolong the case and drain you both emotionally and financially.

  • They may clean out the bank accounts or max out credit cards to make you feel uneasy.

  • They could make a false domestic violence or abuse claim to hurt your chances of custody.

  • The other parent could move away with the children without letting you know and denying you visitation.

Although there’s no way to prevent your ex from engaging in these actions, remember that judges are familiar with them and it will most likely hurt their case. If you suspect your former partner of using these dirty tricks, you should inform your attorney immediately. They will be able to develop a strong case or take legal action against the other parent.

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