Recovering From Marriage Hardships in the Wake of COVID-19

If your marriage suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, you're not alone - however, contrary to expectations, various sources report the divorce rate decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic. In today's blog, we're covering how you can work through marriage hardships suffered over the past year.

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Financial Struggles

It's no secret that many people experienced substantial financial hardships during COVID-19. Tens of millions of American workers lost their jobs, causing many American families to fall behind on rent payments and other financial obligations.

Arguments about finances are often cited as a leading cause of divorce among couples. If you're experiencing tension over financial troubles, consider:

  • Meeting with a financial advisor to discuss how you and your spouse can develop healthier financial habits and get back on track;
  • Make a detailed budget with your spouse and commit to living under your means until you can recover financially (if possible);
  • Monitor your accounts closely and truthfully, discussing purchases with each other before you make them;
  • Realize that the last year has been tough financially for many people, and try to forgive each other for making financial mistakes.

Child-Related Issues

Life also changed substantially for parents over the last year as many found themselves cooped up at home trying to manage work while helping their children through online education opportunities.

As a result, many couples felt increased stress from the obligation of trying to maintain their marriage, work from home, and help their child succeed.

Now that schools are re-opening, it may be easier to ease any stress in your marriage induced by having your child at home all year. Consider:

  • Setting them up for a summer camp to get some quality alone time with your spouse;
  • Hiring a babysitter so you and your spouse can have some dedicated date nights (maybe for the first time in a long time);
  • Engaging with tutors or other professionals to help your child recover from any academic backslide they've experienced over the past year.

What If My Marriage Isn't Savable?

Sometimes, what's best for all parties is to move on. While filing for divorce can be daunting, it's often healthier than remaining in a union where neither you nor your partner is truly happy.

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