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June 2015 Archives

More states promoting shared parenting

In Texas and around the country, the majority of custodial parents of children of divorce are mothers, and this is borne out by census statistics. However, a movement is afoot to increase the amount of time that fathers get to spend with their children and ultimately achieve equal parenting in divorce cases.

Texas "deadbeat" dads really may not be

The state of Texas makes provision in its laws for child support, ideally to help ensure neither parent must bear the full burden of raising the children of a union alone. However, a new study quoted in Time magazine suggests that general notions of deadbeat fatherhood and the realities of low-income fathers may not be as clear-cut as previously thought, raising questions about typical definitions of deadbeat parenting and what really constitutes a deadbeat dad.

Leader of polygamist religious sect in child custody dispute

Texas residents may be interested to read that a polygamist religious leader is involved in a child custody dispute. The man is a leader in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and has multiple wives. His first wife, who is in the process of getting a divorce, is seeking custody of their 14-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son.

High asset divorce settlement reduced in foreign court

Some Texas couples may deal with significant financial issues in case of divorce, but the settlement issued in the divorce of a Russian oligarch and his ex-wife involves billions of dollars. However, the matter is still in flux due to a Swiss court overturning the original amount set by a Geneva court. The ex-wife intends to appeal the decision to Switzerland's highest court.

Mom of former NBA star's child appeals support modification

Texas basketball fans may be interested to learn that on May 29, Horace Grant, a former NBA star who played between 1987 and 2010, was reportedly required to go back to court over the issue of child support for one of his children. The report stated that the former NBA star had entered into an agreement over child support when he was earning a $14.3 million salary.

Effects of a divorce on Social Security benefits

Celebrity breakups often reveal insights into issues that arise during divorces of less-publicized couples. People in Texas approaching their 10th wedding anniversary, like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, might want to think about how divorcing at that point in a marriage influences their future Social Security retirement benefits.

Fighting parenting plan modification requests

Texas parents who are going through a divorce will often find that one of the most difficult issues to resolve is that of child custody and visitation. In many cases, they will be able to negotiate a parenting plan that will obtain the approval of the court. These plans often contain provisions spelling out the visitation rights of the noncustodial parent.

Public opinions on child support

In many cases, the opinions of Texas residents on certain aspects of child support may differ significantly from what the law actually provides. A recent study conducted in the United States and England showed overwhelming similarities. Most of the people who were surveyed believed that current child support laws were unfair in one way or another and that the way child support payments are calculated should be changed.