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Co-parenting with teens

Parenting a teen can be challenging under any circumstances. However, Texas parents who are divorced may have to adapt to a number of changes. As teens are testing their new independence, exes who have been co-parenting for a long time may feel that they can finally ease up, but this is not the time for too much freedom. Failing to communicate effectively is one of the mistakes divorced parents make when co-parenting teens.

Teens are sometimes, but not always, more responsible than when they were younger. That's why parents can be lulled into a false sense of security. One parent may start to think they do not need to share as much information with the other parent, or they may assume the other parent knows the teen's friends. They might even default to having the teen carry messages back and forth between the ex. If the teen has begun driving, parents may coordinate less as well. However, this lack of communication can be a mistake. It can leave one parent in the dark about difficulties the teen may be going through.

Teens still need consistency, and this is even more true if one parent's life is unstable. However, this may also be a time when parents need to be more flexible with their family schedules.

Negotiating child custody can be a challenging part of the divorce process. As children get older, the custody and visitation schedule that once suited everyone might no longer be appropriate. There may even be major changes, such as the relocation of one parent. If a parent does wish to move and it will affect the custody and visitation schedule, it may be necessary to go to court and get a modification. An attorney could help a parent with this process.

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