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How parents can resolve disputes regarding their children

In Texas, child custody cases revolve around what is in the best interests of the kids. In some cases, parents won't agree on what that may be. However, it is almost always in the child's best interest for a possession dispute to be resolved in an amicable manner. While a formal trial may be necessary, parents can first try to come to an agreement on their own or through mediation.

Going to court could result in a decision that neither parent is satisfied with. It can also result in a lot of stress for the parents and the children. Furthermore, it may be more expensive than mediation. To avoid this situation, it is important for the exes to put aside their feelings for each other and focus on the needs of the children.

Parents who have trouble communicating may benefit from the assistance of a mediator. This person works as a neutral party with the sole goal of facilitating a conversation. There is no requirement that an agreement be reached, and there is no requirement that either party stay for an entire session. It may be possible to have legal counsel participate during a mediation session. An attorney could also represent a parent during any other type of effort to resolve a possession dispute outside of court.

By putting the child's best interests first, the parents could have an easier time resolving a possession dispute. An agreement may state that both parents are allowed to have contact with the child on a regular basis or share in making important upbringing decisions. Typically, children do best with both parents in their lives, assuming that there is no abuse or neglect. Attorneys may assist in resolving most types of family law disputes.

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