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How a father can get custody of his children

When Texas fathers get a divorce, they might want physical custody of their children. Traditionally, courts have assumed that mothers would be the best parent for the children, and fathers seeking custody may feel they have a disadvantage. However, fathers might increase their likelihood of getting it by taking a few steps.

Fathers should prepare to be questioned by the judge about their relationship with the child. This will be key to the judge's decision about which parent the child should live with. Fathers can back up their replies about the relationship with appropriate documentation. They should keep track of all the time they spend with their children and any money they spend on them.

Fathers should avoid any actions that might give the court a negative impression. This includes badmouthing the mother, confrontations with the mother or taking the children away for a long period of time without making prior plans. However, fathers should also recognize that they are not the most important part of the proceedings because the children are. Ultimately, children need reassurance that they are loved, and a decision should be made that is in their best interests.

Parents should also keep in mind that while it might be necessary to go to court during a divorce, in some cases, negotiating a child custody agreement with the other parent is also a possibility. This might be better for their co-parenting relationship and for their children. However, if they are unable to reach an agreement, litigation may be necessary. An attorney may be able to help a parent develop strategies for obtaining custody. Unless there are serious issues such as abuse, a judge will probably take the position that even if one parent has physical custody, the child should have visitation time with the other parent.

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