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Man may have to pay child support for a child that is not his

A Texas man was ordered to pay $65,000 in child support for a child that was not biologically his. Under Texas law, it is possible that he might not be able to avoid the obligation.

In 2003, a Texas court ruled that the 45-year-old man was responsible for paying child support for a child that was born to his ex-girlfriend after she claimed the child was his. The man, who had since gotten married and had his own children, stated that he did not know about the court ruling and therefore had not been paying the child support. When he learned about the ruling in 2016, he agreed to take a DNA test. The test concluded that he was not the child's father.

Under the state's family code, alleged parents may be ordered to make child support payments until a paternity test can conclude that the child is not biologically theirs. In this case, the man's attorney said he did not take the paternity test because he did not know that he was allegedly the child's parent. However, the ex-girlfriend's attorney said that the man ignored a subpoena in 2003 and then had one child support payment taken out of his check.

In cases where parents do not remain together after having a child, one parent will likely be responsible for paying child support. However, some of these parents may attempt to avoid paying child support by simply not making payments or by hiding their income. A child support attorney could help a custodial parent ask the court to enforce the child support order by garnishing the other person's wages.

Source: AOL, Texas man ordered to pay $65,000 in child support for kid that isn't his", Alex Lasker, July 24, 2017

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