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May 2015 Archives

Globetrotters star sued for child support arrears

Texas parents may be surprised at the timing of a lawsuit involving Meadowlark Lemon, the former Harlem Globetrotters star. His former wife and his son have sued for $250,000 in back child support, alleging that Lemon never made the required payments. His ex-wife notes that only one year's payments were made after the couple divorced in 1977.

When a non-custodial parent seeks custody

In some Texas divorce cases, one parent may be granted sole custody of any children that resulted from the marriage. Under certain circumstances, however, the non-custodial parent may return to court at a later date to seek custody if there is reason to believe that one or more of their children are receiving the care or support they need from the custodial parent.

International child custody cases hard for parents, government

Texas residents may have seen a few international child custody cases receiving publicity lately, including the trial of a New Hampshire mother who stole her 8-year-old daughter and ran away to Central America a decade ago. These stories demonstrate the complex issues at play when a child custody case crosses international borders.

Shariah law ruling jeopardizes child support treaty

Texas residents may be surprised to learn that fears over Shariah law influencing American courts have jeopardized the efforts of dozens of nations working to negotiate an international treaty. The decade-long diplomatic effort to simplify the rules regarding international child support has been led by the United States, but the decision by an Idaho legislator to reject the proposed agreement has become a major stumbling block.

New Jersey twins have different fathers

Texas parents may be interested to learn that a New Jersey judge ordered a father to only provide support for one twin after it was determined that the twins had different fathers. Originally, the mother had asked for support for both twins, but DNA tests revealed that the man had only fathered one of the children.

Divorce and Social Security benefits

Texans involved in a divorce may find themselves more preoccupied with issues of complex asset division and property interests than with Social Security benefits. Still, it's important to be aware of one's right to claim benefits on an ex-spouse's Social Security earnings as there can be a significant advantage to claiming benefits on the record of a spouse who was the higher wage earner.

Pamela Anderson-Rick Saloman divorce highlights tax issues

TV fans in Texas may be interested to learn about how in the settlement of a heated divorce case between Pamela Anderson and Rick Saloman, the former "Baywatch" star received $1 million from her ex-husband. During the divorce proceedings, Anderson made allegations about tax evasion on Saloman's part. They were first married for two months in 2007 before seeking an annulment. The couple remarried in 2013 for the second time. Anderson sought divorce from Saloman in 2014.

A look at why men receive spousal support much less than women

Texas residents whose marriages are breaking down may be interested in why men seem to receive alimony less than women. Even though many women are the primary income-earners in a marriage, the number of men receiving spousal support after divorce is surprisingly low.

Custody arrangements for divorcing parents in Texas.

Child custody is often a complicated matter for Texas parents going through divorce, and one 2015 study sheds light on a common misconception about custody arrangements. While common opinion holds that children who are subjected to joint-custody arrangements face increased stress due to regular travel between homes, evidence shows the opposite. Children living with only one custodial parent fare significantly worse in terms of psychosomatic problems than their counterparts who live separately with both parents.