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July 2014 Archives

New book examines how and why marriage is changing in the U.S.

In past decades, little girls often grew up dreaming about and planning their wedding day. Today, these idyllic images of a beautiful white dress, bright bouquet of flowers and handsome groom have all but faded for a select segment of the population. While much of the de-emphasis on marriage relates to the fact that women have more opportunities to pursue higher educational degrees and earn decent salaries, a new book provides additional insight into why fewer Americans are choosing to get married.

Pet owners advised to deal with custody matters outside of court

Many Fort Worth area residents with children have either experienced or can relate to the strong emotions associated with child custody matters. However, even in cases where both parents vow to fight for primary custody, for the sake of the child, the family court system tries to resolve high-conflict child custody disputes as quickly as possible. The same, however, cannot be said of divorcees who are facing pet custody issues.

Alimony or maintenance in Texas

Spousal support, alimony, maintenance; regardless of what term is used, every state has different guidelines and rules for determining spousal maintenance, as it's referred to in Texas. Historically, maintenance existed to ensure for the financial security of a divorced woman who relied upon her husband's income while married.

For parents, being able to effectively communicate with an ex-spouse can't wait until tomorrow

When lines of communication break down and a marriage becomes irreparable, it’s time to take action and file for divorce. In general, individuals who choose to divorce are seeking space and time away from an ex-spouse. For those couples with no children, making a clean break from an ex may be possible. However, for individuals with children, for better or worse, they are forever tied to an ex-spouse.

Ensuring for financial security post-divorce

For most men and women who are going through a divorce, the process is new and intimidating. While many divorcing individuals simply want to finalize a divorce settlement as soon as possible and move on with their lives, it's important not to rush through the process or make decisions in haste.

Is Facebook ruining your marriage?

Millions of Americans use social media every day. Website communities like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Instagram are readily used by members to post and share photographs, voice opinions, share news and connect and communicate with others. While some casual users of social media websites may only check their accounts sporadically, religious social media users are often tethered to their phone or computer all day and check one or more accounts multiple times per day.

Don't let emotions overrule logic during a divorce

When it comes to divorce, emotion may trump logic. Even in cases where both spouses wanted to end a marriage, the divorce process and finality it brings can stir up all sorts of confusing and difficult feelings and emotions including sadness, regret, nostalgia, uncertainty, anger and resentment. For a divorcee, allowing feelings and emotions to guide one's actions and reactions can be damaging in a number of ways, including financially.

Is it time to file for divorce?

A happy marriage is one in which both spouses openly and honestly communicate with one another, enjoy spending quality time together, have empathy and love for one another and feel affection and physical attraction towards one another. While all marriages go through high and low points, spouses who feel loved, appreciated and close to a partner should be able to weather these highs and lows together.