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Posts tagged "Child custody"

Purported father seeking custody of Bristol Palin's baby

Texans might find it interesting that Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer is seeking joint legal custody of Bristol Palin's second child, a daughter born on Dec. 23. Meyer was previously engaged to Palin, who is the daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and believes he is the baby's biological father. Palin has not publicly identified the father of the child.

What Kinds of Jobs Tend to Require Creative Parenting Plans in Texas?

Balancing work and family life is an ongoing challenge for many Texas parents, especially for those who work in particularly intensive professions. If your schedule doesn't consist of the typical nine-to-five workday followed by dinner and a kiss goodnight for the kids, then you may have to find creative ways to be the best parent you can be.

Parenting time during the holiday season

Although the holidays can be the highlight of the year for many Texas families, those who have been through a divorce or who are facing one may undergo obstacles as they try to make the holiday season a cheerful time for their children. Both during and after a divorce, there tends to be competition for holiday time as both parties desire to be with their children. It is important to approach an unsettled visitation situation with a willingness to negotiate so that the children's needs are given priority.

Non-biological same-sex parents face unique challenges

Child custody battles in Texas are always difficult, but same-sex custody battles come with unique challenges. Before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June 2015 that denying same-sex couples the right to marry was unconstitutional, same-sex couples still formed committed relationships and raised children together. When those relationships break up, there is often one parent who is left without any legal child custody rights.

4 Ways Texas Co-Parents Can Minimize Stress During the Holidays

With this year's Thanksgiving recently behind us, the holiday season is nearly in full swing. This time of year in Texas is filled with good tidings and cheer, but for co-parents who no longer live together, the holidays can be a trying time, even with a comprehensive parenting plan already in place.

International child abductions and Texas parents

In Texas and around the country, international child abductions usually fall under the applicable Hague Convention. This is an international agreement that says if a child is illegally taken from their home country, then they must be returned to their country of residence, unless the parent left behind poses a risk of danger.

Custody battles and the best interest of the child

Texas parents who are getting divorced and have young children might not be aware of how their offspring are affected by being involved in a custody battle. Though parents want to do what is best for their children, and they might think fighting it out in court is the way they can show that, the way custody battles affect children tells a different story.

Grandmother, grandkids flee to tribal land after custody dispute

Child custody cases are sometimes complicated on their own, but additional challenges arise when jurisdiction is unclear. California residents might not have heard about the grandmother in Montana who took her two grandsons to Cheyenne land when their father was granted custody by a judge. The woman sought custody in U.S. and tribal courts and was granted emergency custody in the latter. She fled because she alleges abuse by the father.