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Posts tagged "Child custody"

About child custody exchanges

One of the most contentious issues of a divorce can be child custody. Sometimes problems arise when the children are transferred into the care of another parent as part of a visitation arrangement. Texas parents who have children and are divorced should be aware the child custody exchanges can induce high emotions in all parties and should make every effort to ensure that they occur according to the terms that were agreed upon.

How to deal with custody and visitation after a move

Texas divorced couples who have young children and who expect conflicts with each other to end along with the marriage may still face disputes over co-parenting. One issue that may arise is a parent relocating to be closer to a new partner. Such parents may try to compromise by picking a place that is still not too far away from their children, but they may underestimate how much more time the commute will take.

What custody rights does a father have in Texas?

In an ideal world, every divorce would be amicable and would go smoothly and without issue. However, many divorce cases are less than ideal. It is not uncommon for one of the parties involved with the divorce to feel as though the ruling was not in their favor or that they have to deal with additional hardship.

Preservation of grandparents' rights

Difficult circumstances can wreak havoc in the lives of Texas families, and grandparents may find that they have little or no voice in decisions involving their grandchildren. Divorce, death, and adoption can significantly alter family dynamics, in some cases completely severing the relationship between children and grandparents. However, there are some cases in which grandparents' interests are given serious consideration by the court system.

Custody schedules for parents with non-traditional work schedules

There are many complex factors that must be considered in order to make a child custody plan work for both the parents and the children. These arrangements can be particularly complex for professionals and parents who do not work jobs with traditional schedules. In these situations, it is important to have the assistance of an attorney who knows how to protect parental rights and interests.

Visitation after divorce

Divorce can have a huge impact on Texas families. Even in situations where it was clearly the best possible way of managing family conflict, emotions run high. One area that is often a cause of conflict is parental visitation rights.