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Posts tagged "Alimony"

How long do maintenance payments last?

The Texas Family Code contains specific provisions relating to spousal maintenance, including the reasons for which it can be ordered and limitations upon its duration. If an eligible spouse is awarded alimony payments by the court, then the length of time that the payments will continued is determined by the law.

Eligibility for spousal maintenance in Texas

Residents in Texas may benefit from reviewing the state's legislation governing spousal maintenance. The General Provisions under Texas Family Code describe maintenance as an award from the dissolution of marriage that consists of periodic compensation from one spouse's future income to support the other spouse. The party entitled to receive the maintenance payment is referred to as the obligee, while the person making the payments is known as obligor.

Factors that determine alimony amounts

Texas residents may be interested in some general information about alimony, from what it is to how the amount is determined. Depending on numerous factors, the amount that a court orders to be paid in alimony can vary from couple to couple.

Alimony or maintenance in Texas

Spousal support, alimony, maintenance; regardless of what term is used, every state has different guidelines and rules for determining spousal maintenance, as it's referred to in Texas. Historically, maintenance existed to ensure for the financial security of a divorced woman who relied upon her husband's income while married.