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Child Support Archives

TV personality gets prison time for not paying child support

Texas residents may know Stevie J from his time on the show "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta." However, he is now in the news for failing to pay child support. In February 2017, he plead guilty to not paying over $1.3 million and was sentenced to three years on probation or however long it took to pay half of that amount.

Convenient options to make child support payments on time

When Texas residents owe child support, they need to be sure that they make their payments in full and by the date specified in the divorce decree. They also need to make sure that they have a record of each payment made. Therefore, it may be best to make payments by money order or by check. This is because it is easy to retain copies of either a money order or a check to prove a payment was made.

Child support warrants in Texas

Parents who are in arrears on child support payments may face one of the more extreme collection methods in the court system. The method is called a child support warrant. Because courts treat child support as a priority over other debts, criminal sanctions can be used.

Child support delinquency rates continue to rise

Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that less than half of the parents in Texas and around the country who have been awarded child support received the full amount due in 2015. Even more alarming was the disclosure that almost a third of custodial parents received no money at all. The number of deadbeat parents in the United States has been growing steadily for several years, but the 2015 figures show that child support delinquency rates have now reached levels not seen since 1993.

State and federal cooperation for child support enforcement

A large part of the current president's financial agenda is to make drastic reductions in federal spending and pass down control to the Texas state level in most areas of government. However, the Child Support Technology Fund may be one program that shifts control to the federal government.

HHS to set up central child monitoring system

Monitoring and collecting unpaid child support has been a persistent problem for lawmakers in Texas and around the country. The Family Support Act, which was passed by Congress in 1995, requires states to set up child support enforcement and collection systems, but efforts to comply have been stymied in many parts of the country by technology issues and budgetary constraints. However, the 2019 budget proposal from the Trump administration contains a proposal that seeks to tackle the issue by setting up a new fund.

Actor Jesse Williams ordered to pay more in support

Texas fans of the TV show "Grey's Anatomy" might be aware that one of its actors, Jesse Williams, has been going through a divorce. In January, a judge ordered an increase in the amount of child and spousal support paid by Williams. He was paying $33,242 monthly in support, and his payments will go up to over $50,000 each month.

Felon who went viral is in trouble with divorce case

For many single parents in Texas, raising a child goes along with worrying about everyday expenses and other financial financial needs. Child support disputes are often stressful and unpleasant affairs, but they are necessary when making legal determinations about the best interests of the child. Celebrity parents are not exempt from child support obligations and disputes; this much is made clear with a case involving a male model who rose to fame after his mugshot went viral on social media.

Ex-wife claims Dean McDermott refuses to pay child support

Many Texas parents may have trouble affording to care for their children when the other parent suddenly stops paying child support. Even those who have celebrity status or who have ex-spouses who are celebrities can have trouble with nonpayments. For example, Dean McDermott's ex-wife reportedly went back to court after she alleged that he stopped making child support payments.