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Child Support Archives

The process of getting child support that is owed

When parents in Texas and other states get divorced, one person may be granted custody of the children while the other individual is ordered to pay child support. If a parent fails to pay support as ordered, he or she could be put in jail. Other common penalties for failing to pay child support include the loss of a driver's license or passport and wage garnishment.

What to do when noncustodial parents claim to be poor

Some noncustodial parents, in an effort to avoid paying child support, choose to live in poverty. They may rely on unreported freelance work to make ends meet and contribute less than their fair share to their children's expenses. The Texas child support enforcement system takes this kind of behavior very seriously. The first step for a custodial parent to take is filing for a formal child support order.

Public assistance applicants get help collecting child support

Parents who live in separate homes may struggle to manage their finances while also taking care of their children. Public assistance is designed to bridge the gap between what parents can pay themselves and what they need to cover various necessities. When a single parent in Texas applies for public assistance, the state typically attempts to recover the money it spends from the absent parent.

National statistics concerning child support

As Texas residents know, parenting can be difficult. The process can be even more complicated when a single parent is the one taking care of the kids and covering most costs. That's why custodial parents have the right to seek child support from the other parent. However, the information revealed by collected data on child support might surprise many people.

Don't neglect college education during a divorce

During divorces in Forth Worth, Texas, and elsewhere, financing college education sometimes gets put on a back burner. This is not surprising as other issues may require more immediate attention. But with planning, financing the children's college education doesn't need to fall by the wayside.

Payroll deductions critical in child support enforcement

Child support is determined in the best interests of the child, and in many cases in Texas, those funds may be necessary in order to cover the everyday expenses of the children's lives. Nevertheless, far too many separated families struggle with delinquent payments or the failure to pay mandated child support. At state and federal levels, unpaid child support has been identified as a major priority, due to the harms that a lack of sufficient support can cause to children. In many cases, this means that child support enforcement involves securing payments through wage garnishment or payroll deductions at the workplace.

Addressing an unfair child support order

While every parent in Texas and elsewhere has an obligation to support his or her child, sometimes the child support orders that are issued by a court can seem unfair and unreasonable. This can be particularly true when circumstances have changed following the initial court order, which means that the child support amount being used has a far different impact on the parent than it did when it was made. In other cases, the child's living situation may change, and the parent with more physical custody is continuing to pay most of the child support.