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Child Custody Archives

Preparing for a child custody hearing

Texas parents who are going through a divorce might have to go to court if they cannot come to an agreement about custody and visitation, also known as "possession" and "access." Before going to court, a parent must send a written submission to the judge that explains their position and what they're asking for. The parent should also include copies of any documentation that will be presented in court so the judge will have the opportunity to review it beforehand.

Consistent rules help co-parents succeed after divorce

Texas couples who struggled to get along while they were together might lack confidence that they can cooperate as co-parents after their marriage comes to an end. If their children are young, the parents will have to work out a child custody schedule. During this process, they should create a clear set of expectations for their children that applies at both parental homes. This approach prevents children from viewing one parent as lenient and fun and resenting the other parent as demanding and obsessed with rules.

Chance the Rapper and fiancee seek modification

Texas music fans might be aware of the long relationship between Chance the Rapper and his fiancee, Kirsten Corley. The pair began dating in 2013 and split in 2016 before getting back together. While they were split apart, Corley filed a child custody and support petition. The couple has now returned to court to modify the court's orders ahead of their upcoming nuptials.

The process of appealing a child custody case

Custody rulings in Texas and throughout the country are made with a child's best interest in mind. However, it is possible for parents to appeal any ruling that a judge makes. This is generally true if the court has issued a complete custody order. Such a ruling is issued after a hearing has been held and there are no other issues that need to be resolved between the parties.

What to keep in mind when planning a parenting schedule

Parents in Texas who are planning a parenting schedule during divorce should not aim for one that prioritizes their convenience above all. They should also avoid looking at the parenting schedule as an opportunity to win or lose against the other parent. The focus of the schedule should be on what is best for the child and what will support the child's relationship with both parents.

When temporary guardianship is in a child's best interest

If parents in Texas are not capable of caring for their children, it may be possible to craft a temporary guardianship order. The order will give an outside party the ability to obtain many of the same rights that the child's legal parents have. Therefore, it is important that a temporary guardian be chosen carefully. In some cases, the first choice won't be available as the role could be more than he or she wants to take on.

How to handle exes who don't pay child support

Divorced parents in Texas can get frustrated when their exes stop paying child support, hence prompting them to withhold visitation rights till child support is paid. However, parents who do bar their exes from seeing their children are placing themselves on the bad side of the law.

Parental rights and divorce

Parents in Texas who are getting divorced might wonder what they can do to ensure that they remain a part of their children's lives. In particular, some fathers may be concerned that they will be regarded as less crucial in the child's life than the mother.

How to get possession of a child in Texas

After many Texas divorces involving parents, it's necessary for exes to determine how they will raise their children. In some cases, a parent will want sole possession of a son or daughter. To start a possession case, a parent will need to speak with the court clerk to learn the rules and procedures in a given jurisdiction.