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Posts tagged "joint custody"

What to do when the other parent threatens to take the kids away

Unfortunately, children are often used as pawns when relationships head south. All too often, one parent threatens to keep the children away from the other parent because he or she is angry or upset. If you are going through this situation, you are probably afraid and want to know your rights.

The best interests of the child in child custody

When a Texas court deliberates on a child custody issue, the most important factors considered are the well-being and best interests of the child. Texas law follows a variety of guidelines when examining a case. These statutes guide the court in determining what factors are involved in determining best interests.

Parenting plans and child custody in Texas

Parents in Texas may benefit from learning more about the laws concerning parenting plans and child custody, as described by the State Bar of Texas. A parenting plan consists of child support, rights to custody, a visitation schedule and other matters involving the child in an effort to minimize disputes. Parenting plans became a required part of the state's final divorce decree in the year 2005. Courts presiding over a divorce proceeding also have the authority to provide adjudication regarding custody rights after the dissolution of the marriage.

Resolving shared parenting issues in child custody cases

Texas law believes that if, as a parent, you are facing divorce, maintaining your children's best interest is vital. This means that your situation may have built-in terms regarding child custody so that both parents are allotted sufficient opportunity to parent. The goal of state law and our office is that children benefit from the best relationship possible with both parents.