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Do we have to get along for an uncontested divorce?

Divorce is a difficult choice, and if you feel daunted by the emotional and financial challenges that can come with the end of a marriage, you may want to consider the benefits of an uncontested divorce. This option is generally available to couples who are able to resolve disputes and issues without the intervention of the court.

Tips for Mitigating the Mental Health Impact of Divorce on Kids

There's a fairly straightforward reality about divorce involving children: it's going to be emotionally difficult for the kids. Research has shown, however, that the mental health challenges that adolescent children face in the midst of divorce tend to soften after four to nine months.

4 Ways Texas Co-Parents Can Minimize Stress During the Holidays

With this year's Thanksgiving recently behind us, the holiday season is nearly in full swing. This time of year in Texas is filled with good tidings and cheer, but for co-parents who no longer live together, the holidays can be a trying time, even with a comprehensive parenting plan already in place.

When Can a Child Support Order Be Changed in Texas?

The amount of child support to be paid is generally based on the paying parent's income and his or her ability to pay. There are factors, however, that may require modification of a Texas child support order.