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Posts tagged "Child custody"

How a father can get custody of his children

When Texas fathers get a divorce, they might want physical custody of their children. Traditionally, courts have assumed that mothers would be the best parent for the children, and fathers seeking custody may feel they have a disadvantage. However, fathers might increase their likelihood of getting it by taking a few steps.

The basics of child custody

There are two main ways in which a Texas parent can have custody of a child. The term legal custody refers to a parent who is responsible for making decisions related to a child's health, education and welfare. If a parent has physical custody of a child, then the child lives with that parent.

Creating a co-parenting plan

Texas parents who go their separate ways have to work past any antagonism between them to make a parenting plan that prioritizes their children. Having the right parenting plan that addresses the children's needs is essential in helping the children adjust to life after the divorce. There are some steps parents can take to develop a co-parenting relationship that is effective and that will last a long time.

"Gotham" star settles long-running custody battle

Divorcing parents in Texas may find that their most important concerns at the end of the marriage are their parenting arrangements, including possession of and access to their children. Celebrities deal with child custody disputes as well that reflect the same issues and concerns.

Shared parenting on the rise, but some oppose it

Texas parents who are divorcing and who must negotiate a child custody agreement might want to consider shared parenting as an option. This is increasingly popular as fathers' rights groups are supporting its expansion and many states are considering legislation that would make it the default custody arrangement.

Blake Griffin files paternity paperwork after split with fiancee

People in Texas who follow the careers of Kendall Jenner or basketball player Blake Griffin might know the two are in a relationship. Prior to his involvement with Jenner, Griffin was living with his fiancee Brynn Cameron. The two split up in July, but Cameron only moved out of their home after Griffin and Jenner's relationship became public.

Tips for dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse

Texas parents may face a number of challenges after a divorce, but the difficulties of co-parenting can be exacerbated if one of them is a narcissist. This can be harmful to children, but there are steps the other parent can take to mitigate the effects. These parents can show their children unconditional love. They should have written documentation of all child custody agreements. They might want to involve professionals including law enforcement to enforce custody agreements if necessary. As the children grow older, they will usually understand the situation better and that one parent lied to them.

Should courts favor 50/50 custody?

In Texas, access to children is often at issue in divorce cases. Some fathers have argued that the courts should grant 50/50 custody unless doing so would not be in the best interests of the children. However, the courts still grant possession to the mothers in most cases.

Tips for effective coparenting

Co-parenting may be a reality for several years for Texas parents who get a divorce. While it can be challenging due to the upheaval and the emotions involved, there are a number of things parents can do to make co-parenting less difficult for themselves and their children.

Tyrese may handle his custody case without legal counsel

Entertainment news sources report that Tyrese's lawyer has filed for a substitution of attorney in connection with the artist's continuing custody battle with his ex-wife, and fans in Texas and other states may want to know more. Sources suggest that Tyrese will likely represent himself in the custody case unless he retains another lawyer before his next scheduled court date. He was expected to return to court for a hearing on Nov. 14.