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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Temporary child custody agreements

Parents in Texas who file for divorce may request a temporary hearing shortly after the case is filed so that major issues like temporary child custody and support can be decided. A parent may also consider granting temporary custody to another person if they are temporarily unable to care for a child due to an illness or difficult financial circumstances.

Custody of child citizens worries immigrants facing deportation

Some families in Texas contain citizens and immigrants residing in the country without documentation. The aggressive immigration policies of the Trump administration have increased deportations and forced many parents to find legal guardians for their children who possess citizenship.

Making sure kids are happy after a divorce

Divorce can often involve many intense emotions, but the children who are involved can usually bounce back and live happy lives when their parents focus on their well-being. Despite the personal difficulties they are going through, when parents are sensitive to the needs of their children, they are more likely to give their kids a sense of confidence, security and peace of mind. Parents in Texas can focus on a few key areas when aspiring to reach this goal.

When unmarried parents have child custody issues

Children of unmarried parents have a bit different situation than children whose parents are married. In most cases around the country, an unwed mother who is considered a fit parent will be granted physical custody or as it is dubbed in Texas law, 'possession" of her children. However, a father can act through the courts to establish visitation or 'access" to his children. In child custody and visitation cases across the nation, the courts will always keep the best interests of the child in the forefront of the decision-making process.

Father's rights and child custody

Many fathers in Texas wonder how much they will see their children if they file for divorce. In many states, judges prefer to award joint custody to parents. It is important for fathers to know that they can get full custody of their children if it is in their children's best interest.

Regaining child custody

Losing custody of a child can be a very difficult experience. However, the loss of custody does not have to be permanent. Even though it is a very difficult process, many Texas parents may regain their custody rights.

Custody battles can cost more than legal fees

Contested divorces where children are involved can trigger emotions and behavior in people that seem completely out of character. Perhaps that can be explained with an understanding of how feelings of love and trust have been shattered and replaced by those of betrayal and doubt. Whatever the status of the relationship between the spouses, continued animosity and attempts to punish the other can be self-destructive and traumatic for all of the parties concerned.

What happens when the father isn't married to the mother

Roughly 40 percent of children born in Texas and throughout America are born to unmarried parents. However, even if a child is born to parents who aren't married, the mothers are not necessarily granted sole custody of the child. In some states, they must formally request it, and the father may also have custody or visitation rights if he is fit to have them. Furthermore, paternity must be established before a father can obtain rights to a child.