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Divorce Archives

Do we have to get along for an uncontested divorce?

Divorce is a difficult choice, and if you feel daunted by the emotional and financial challenges that can come with the end of a marriage, you may want to consider the benefits of an uncontested divorce. This option is generally available to couples who are able to resolve disputes and issues without the intervention of the court.

What happens to your debt during divorce?

Divorce will bring significant economic challenges for both parties, and it is critical to consider all of the factors that may affect one's financial health in the future. While many people have concerns regarding the division of marital property and financial support, it is also beneficial to consider the distribution of marital debt.

Will divorce derail your retirement plans?

If you are 50 or older and moving toward a divorce, it is likely that you have asked yourself this question. Divorce at any age will have a significant financial impact, but it is particularly complicated for those close to retirement. Since the financial matters at stake in what is known as a "gray divorce" could have an impact in the immediate future, you need an experienced, aggressive Texas attorney by your side.