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Child Custody Archives

Making the best out of child custody proceedings

Making the best out of a difficult situation is often something Texas parents have to do. When those parents are going through a divorce, they may have to get creative when it comes to ensuring that their children feel loved and secure. Of course, child custody can be difficult to work through, but parents can still do their best for their kids.

How parents can work together effectively

Parenting with a former spouse or partner can be challenging for individuals in Texas and throughout the country. However, there are many steps that a person can take to be a good parent and maintain a civil working relationship with the child's other parent. Ideally, individuals will work to ensure that they put their son or daughter's needs ahead of their own. This may prevent them from making decisions that could put their child in the middle of a dispute unnecessarily.

Addressing safety with child custody and visitation

Parents who are concerned about their child's safety during the custody or visitation time of the other parent should be aware of how to address these issues. Referred to as possession and access in Texas, these considerations should be taken seriously with the child's best interests being the primary focus. There are certain steps to handle these factors.

Studies find young children can bond with both parents

Texas parents who are going through a divorce with babies or toddlers may encounter the idea that children this young naturally need to spend as much time as possible with their mother. Beliefs of this nature can hinder a father's efforts to get child custody, but studies about infant and child development do not appear to support this idea.

This is how supervised visits work

Some families in Texas find themselves in a situation where one parent can only visit a child with the supervision of the court. Usually, this is because there are concerns about the child's safety due to the possibility of abuse or substance abuse. Those who are subject to supervised visits should follow the court's rules and focus on doing what they can to demonstrate fitness.

How to help children handle a divorce

Though divorce is extremely common, it's normal for good parents to worry about how it will affect their children. Child development experts agree that divorce doesn't have to harm children, provided their parents handle it properly. Parents in Texas can help their children thrive during and after divorce by working together and providing them with some age-appropriate reassurance.

How parental alienation can be used as a defense against abuse

While almost any divorce is a maze of intense emotions with extremely high stakes, those involving possession of minor children are doubly so, particularly in cases involving abuse. In Texas and throughout the United States, Parental Alienation Syndrome has been used as a defense against abuse charges since the 1980s, when Richard Gardner, a child psychologist, first introduced the term.

How parents can make custody transitions less difficult

Custody exchanges can be hard on both parents and children, but there are things parents in Texas can do to make it easier. First, parents need to communicate clearly about the process, including small details such as whether the parents will come in the house or stay in the car. This plan should then be communicated to children in advance and with just as much detail although parents should try to do so in a low-key way.

How to handle disputes during a child custody exchange

Texas parents who have divorced will often engage in disagreements over child custody issues. Often, this includes who has custody and how visitation rights are handled. It is generally preferable if the parents are on amicable terms and can agree on the common concerns related to sharing a child. In some cases, however, even setting up custody exchanges can be difficult.

How parents can help children adjust to a divorce

The end of a marriage is stressful for children as well as their divorcing parents, and some Texas parents may worry that it will have a long-term negative effect on their children. They may have read stories about children of divorced parents who struggle in school or who have drug problems.