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Child Custody Archives

How parents can better focus on their children's needs

It isn't uncommon for divorced parents in Texas to have arguments over how to raise their kids. However, it's important to remember that the goal is to do what is best for the child regardless of how it may make either parent feel. For instance, both parents are generally entitled to see their children regardless of how they feel about each other. Creating a parenting plan may help to avoid conflicts over parenting time.

Britney Spears seeks greater access to her kids

Texas residents may have been following the child custody case involving Britney Spears and her former spouse Kevin Federline. When the pair split, they originally shared custody of their two children equally. However, Federline currently has 70% custody of the children while Spears has attempted to resolve persistent mental health issues. Spears has said that she is planning on going back to court in 2020 in an effort to obtain greater rights to her children.

Temporary versus permanent arrangements for children in divorce

Texas family courts are responsible for making decisions regarding the living arrangements of children whose parents get divorced. Sometimes, those decisions are delayed while the court gathers information to make the best decisions for the children. When permanent possession can't be determined right away, the court may grant one parent or another adult temporary custody of a couple's children.

Understanding mediation in a Texas child custody case

When a Texas couple divorces, many issues will come to the forefront. Among the most important and complicated is child custody. In Texas, the parent who has custody is referred to as being in possession, and the parent who is granted visitation receives access. To settle these difficult matters, it is often beneficial to consider alternatives such as mediation.

How fathers can overcome bias when seeking child custody

Fathers who are seeking possession and access of their children may fear discrimination or bias when in the courtroom. Traditionally, fathers are viewed as the providers and mothers are viewed as the caretakers. There are several things fathers should keep in mind when seeking possession and access of their children in Texas.

International child custody dispute and abduction

When one parent in Texas has ties to another country and the parents get a divorce, there could be an international child custody dispute. In some cases, a parent may take the child out of the country without the other parent's permission. There are steps that parents who are concerned about an international abduction can take to prevent this as well as things they can do to deal with the situation if the abduction does occur.

When parents can't refuse visitation

Generally speaking, noncustodial parents in Texas have the right to visit their children on a regular basis. However, custodial parents have the right to protect their children from physical or other types of abuse. In some cases, this may mean unilaterally putting a stop to visitation or other types of contact with a son or daughter. Of course, a custodial parent would need a legitimate reason to take such action.

How to obtain custody after a relationship ends

In a Texas divorce case, there is a chance that both parents will obtain custody of their children. The first step in the child custody process is to learn more about what state law says about obtaining parental rights. Generally, the best interests of the child will determine who gets custody of a son or daughter. Courts will likely use a variety of factors such as the strength of the relationship between a parent and child when crafting their rulings.

Ways to make co-parenting with a difficult ex a success

Co-parenting with a toxic ex-spouse can bring a huge amount of drama, such as accusations, manipulation and the constant pushing of limits. Texas residents may be interested in learning a few ways that they can maintain their focus, which is parenting their children, despite dealing with a narcissist or difficult ex-spouse.