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Creating your co-parenting relationship in a parenting plan

Ending your marriage thrust you into a situation in which your future is uncertain. You may feel that no matter what efforts you make during the divorce process, you doubt things will work out. You may wonder how you will continue to raise your children in light of the fact that your marital relationship is gone.

Divorce is not so simple when your assets are complex

There's really no way to predict which Texas marriages will last and which will end in divorce. Throughout the nation, the overall divorce rate is reportedly decreasing except for people who are age 50 and older. No matter which age group you belong to, if you're heading to divorce court, you may want to research state property division laws ahead of time to avoid negative surprises down the line. This especially holds true if your divorce involves high-value assets.

3 common reasons for divorce

When you decided to tie the knot, you and your partner likely believed that your relationship would last forever. Now that the marriage is coming to an end, you may wonder how you could have ever expected to stay with the same person for the rest of your life. This thought likely crosses the minds of many people in this predicament, even if the reasons for divorce vary wildly.

Being thorough when it comes to business interests in divorce

If you are the owner of a business, chances are, you may place a high priority on safeguarding its longevity. With the amount of time and effort you invest in your company, you probably don't want to see it come to harm, but if you are currently facing the end of a marriage, you may have concerns about how the process will impact your enterprise.

Will my service in the military affect my divorce?

Divorce is difficult no matter what you do for a living, but it can be especially complex for Texas individuals who serve in the military. Several factors can make the end of a marriage difficult for military members and their spouses. If you are facing a military divorce, you would be wise to know what is ahead and how you can protect your interests. 

Agreeing to create a parenting plan together is the easy part

You and your estranged spouse may have reached a point where you can sit down together and discuss the terms of your divorce. You may have gotten there by agreeing that you need to work out an amicable solution for the sake of your children. You don't want to put them through a contentious court battle and you want them to know that you are both committed to raising them together regardless of whether you remain married.

Covering every aspect of child custody when school is a factor

No matter how you look at it, change is a part of everyday life, and some changes are easier to foresee, while others may be of a more sudden nature. If you and your spouse have recently made the decision to part ways, chances are, everyone involved will experience some form of change.

Take proactive steps to understand finances during divorce

Going through divorce may make you feel as if you have lost a teammate. However, learning to rely on yourself during this time could prove useful. You may find that you have a greater capacity to address life issues than you had initially thought and potentially gain a sense of confidence that did not exist during the marriage.

The importance of temporary orders before your divorce is final

The end of a marriage brings many changes for both parents and children. The actual divorce process can take several months, and it can be even longer for individuals who find themselves in litigation over certain issues. In the interim, temporary orders can protect the interests of you and your children by specifically outlining issues pertaining to custody, visitation and more.