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Wedding debt may cause tension in a marriage

Texas couples and others between the ages of 18 and 53 may be more likely to get divorced if they took on debt to have a wedding. That was according to a survey conducted by LendingTree. The survey found that 45% of respondents said that they went into debt to get married, and nearly half of those who did so got divorced. Of those who didn't borrow money to have a wedding, only 9% said that their marriages eventually came to an end.

Furthermore, 76% of those who borrowed money to get married said that they had disagreements over how much to spend. Among those who paid for their weddings on their own, only 20% reported having such disagreements. According to the LendingTree survey, 36% of couples who had wedding debt had disputes about money after they got married. Only 11% of those who funded a wedding on their own said that they had financial arguments after getting married.

Among those surveyed, 28% said that money was the biggest source of stress during the wedding planning process. Roughly a quarter who took part in the survey said that they spent too much on their wedding, and many couples said that they spent too much on food and drinks. Others said that they felt as if they spent too much on the venue where the wedding was held.

Individuals who go through a divorce may need to determine how to divide marital property or decide who gets custody of the children. An attorney may be able to explain the process of diving assets or how state law could influence a parenting plan. Hiring an attorney may make it easier for an individual to obtain a favorable outcome in a case regardless of how it is eventually settled.

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