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How a calendar can be helpful in a divorce case

Some parents in Texas who are going through a divorce might find a calendar useful during the process of determining custody and support. A calendar can provide a lot of information about parenting time and expenses that might otherwise be forgotten or overlooked.

A parent may be asked many questions about his or her child's schedule, health and other things. It can be hard to remember these details during the stress of the divorce process, but they can be important. For example, one expense parents often forget about is the birthdays their children go to and the cost of gifts. Parents may often forget about times their children traveled out of town for sports events and the costs associated with them. If a child has a therapist or doctor, these expenses should be included as well. The calendar may also help parents get a better idea of how much time their children spend with each of them, which can also be useful data in calculating custody and support.

Both child and spousal support are supposed to help maintain a lifestyle similar to that enjoyed during the marriage. A calendar can help prod a person's memory about this as well. For example, it may list trips to amusement parks or restaurants. A calendar can also be used as evidence.

The criteria a judge uses to determine a custody schedule is the child's best interests. To do so, he or she considers several factors, such as what arrangement would provide the child with the most stability. However, litigation is not always necessary. In some cases, parents may come to an agreement about child custody and support outside of court. It is still best to submit this agreement to the court for approval and make it legally binding because this offers protection to parents if either person violates the custody or support agreement.

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