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Creating a schedule for possession and access with infants

Determining an access schedule for Texas divorced parents of infants can mean addressing a number of issues, including whether the child will have overnight visits and what a breastfeeding mother will do. Not all courts will order overnights for infants, so this might not be an issue for some parents.

The primary aim of access at this stage is for the child to bond with the noncustodial parent. This can mean visits from half an hour to a few hours several times each week. A custodial parent might struggle with the concept of handing the child over to the other parent. Often, custodial parents feel they have developed an instinct for the child's needs. However, the other parent can still be a good parent even when using a different approach. The custodial parent can also share information about the child's schedule and other needs.

Pumping might be an option for some breastfeeding mothers during this time. The parents may also want to consider feeding the baby formula some of the time. Mothers should examine any underlying concerns about leaving the child overnight with the other parent. It may simply be anxiety about being separated from the child.

There may be several advantages to working out an agreement outside of court. It can be better for the child if parents are able to manage their conflict. Negotiating an agreement can also allow parents to reach solutions that better suit them and their family. An agreement for possession and access should focus on the best interests of the child and not the convenience of the parents, but parents may be able to come up with schedules that accommodate their work and other obligations and still allow ample time with the child. As the child gets older, the schedule may need modification.

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