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Both parents have rights after a divorce

Noncustodial parents in Texas are often granted the right to spend time with their children. However, they must do whatever is in the child's best interest to retain those rights over the long-term. In some cases, a court may order supervised visitation to ensure the safety of a minor when in the presence of a potentially dangerous parent. Regardless of whether visitation is supervised or not, a parent should show up on time as scheduled.

If a noncustodial parent is going to be hosting his or her child overnight, it is a good idea to prepare the home ahead of time. This could mean making sure that the child's favorite food or toys are available while there. It might also mean ensuring that the child has a place to sleep and adequate privacy.

Ideally, parents will work together to resolve any disagreements that may come up. However, if the problems can't be resolved in private, it is a good idea to seek an attorney's help to do so. It is generally wise to put agreements in writing as they may be easier to enforce. An attorney may also be helpful if a parent wants to file for a change to a current child custody order.

Parents who are interested in expanded custody or visitation rights could ask a judge to modify an existing child custody order. A parent may also be able to ask a judge to put an end to supervised or limited visitation rights after completing a treatment program or complying with other court orders. Legal counsel could help a client retain consistent access to a child whether it be in person or through digital tools.

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