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The traits that good parents possess

Children tend to do better after a divorce when their parents get along. When this is the case, they tend to agree about issues such as where a child will go to school or where the child will receive medical treatment. While they are as flexible as possible about parenting time, parents who work well together generally stick to a set schedule. This is ideal because it can minimize conflict and create a sense of stability for the child.

Parents who work well together understand that a child needs both of them in his or her life. Therefore, an individual won't take steps to prevent a son or daughter from having a relationship with the other parent. Whenever possible, both parents will attend school or other events involving their child. Furthermore, there will be little or no tension when they are together at sporting events or other social gatherings.

Those who have a healthy relationship will not try to control each other. Instead, they will focus on what they need to do to ensure that the child is raised to be a productive adult. In many cases, parents who get along will look to each other to provide childcare instead of sending the child to be with a babysitter during the day or overnight.

The best interests of the child are typically served by allowing parents to have joint custody. This allows both parents to play an active role in a child's life even if they no longer live in the same house. Parents who have concerns about a joint custody arrangement should express them to an attorney or a family law judge. It may be possible to limit the other parent's access to a child until anger problems or other issues can be addressed and resolved.

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