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Making custody transitions easier on children

Divorcing parents in Texas generally do all they can to make custody transitions as easy as possible on their kids. These moments can be emotionally traumatic for children who harbor hopes of a reconciliation. That's why it's important that parents are on the same page during pickups and drop-offs. These are also inappropriate times for parents to argue about money or other issues. Instead, parents should act calmly and cordially but stop short of faux displays of affection.

It's vital for children to feel comfortable when they move from one home to another, so noncustodial parents should speak to both the child and the custodial parent to find out what items to bring along. Examples of items that could make children feel more at ease include a favorite toy or a new video game. Children should be given advance notice of custody transitions so they have plenty of time to gather these items.

Drop-offs can be especially difficult for children who have yet to come to terms with the finality of divorce. Therefore, parents should strive to make them as smooth as possible. Noncustodial parents should endeavor to be punctual and call if traffic or some unforeseen situation is delaying them. Custodial parents should try to keep their emotions in check even if they are genuinely concerned. Following the same route and using the same parting phrases can also help as drop-offs may be less traumatic for children when they become routine.

Custodial and noncustodial parents are expected to abide by the provisions of child custody arrangements. A family law attorney may petition the court if these agreements are violated. Legal counsel could also advocate on behalf of a divorced parent to have child custody provisions modified when circumstances have changed.

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