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How a person can check if they owe child support

Many Texas residents have experienced the joy that comes with parenthood. They also understand that there are a variety of things that can separate families. An individual who has a child but has not been in contact with the child may be interested in finding out if they owe child support.

The first step that a person can take to find out if they owe something in child support in order to cover the needs of the child is to contact the child's guardian. This may be a person's ex-spouse. They will want to get specific information to find out if a child support order has been filed. They should find out when the order was filed and obtain the court's contact information.

It is important to regularly check the mail to see if anything has arrived from a local court. A local court is likely to send a person a notification of a scheduled court date for a child support case. If nothing has arrived in the mail, a person can visit or call a local court and ask if there is any pending information that they are privileged to.

A person will want to be aware of any back child support that they owe. They can gather this information from the child's guardian or the local court. They may receive a Notice and Finding of Financial Responsibility, which is a form from the DSC that informs an individual of back child support that they owe.

A parent who has not been in contact with his or her child may be concerned about their financial needs, medical needs and everyday expenses. Child support payments can help to cover these expenses. A person who has questions about child support disputes may wish to speak with an attorney. The attorney may also be able to provide information about the consequences of failure to pay child support.

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