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September 2019 Archives

Dealing with credit cards during a divorce

When Texas couples decide to divorce, they may be concerned about taking a credit hit during the property division process. Marital status is not a factor considered by the credit bureaus, so a divorce itself would not necessarily damage each individual's credit rating. However, joint accounts and the process of dividing assets and debts can pose some unique challenges. In general, spouses agree as to how different assets and debts will be handled in the divorce, and one ex may be given responsibility for paying off a joint card.

How incarceration can impact child support

Parents who owe child support in Texas or any other state could still be liable for making payments while in jail. In some cases, a judge may be willing to review an existing support order before either the custodial or noncustodial parent begins their sentence. An individual could be required to continue making payments according to the original agreement depending on the circumstances in a given matter.

How to handle drama in a custody case

Parents in Texas and elsewhere may experience high levels of conflict after a divorce is finalized. These conflicts could revolve around who should get custody of the child or how decisions should be made after a custody order is created. Ideally, children will get to spend time with both parents, and the adults should do their best to focus less on themselves and more on the needs of their kids.

How to minimize asset loss in a divorce

Texas residents could put their retirement and financial future at risk by getting a divorce. One woman says that she lost nearly $1 million in retirement savings after she divorced her husband after 15 years together. A series of events after the divorce required her to spend about $200,000 in legal fees, and the woman claims that the money could have grown to $1 million if put into a retirement account.

Denial of visitation rights

Parents in Texas and around the country generally love their children and value their time with them. Unfortunately, there are situations in which a divorce leaves a parent without access to his or her children. This may be because a family law court has decided to stop visitation or a custodial parent is refusing to allow the other parent access to the kids.

Factors considered in major child possession decisions

In Texas divorce cases where children are involved, determining which parent will get possession of the children is often among the most contested issues. The family court judge has wide discretion in making the determination, and his or her ruling can vary widely based on the facts of the case. Parents can count on the judge using the best interests of the children as the broad standard, though, and there are a number of factors he or she will commonly weigh to arrive at a decision.

Resolving child support cases in multiple states

There is a possibility that a child support order that was created in Texas will need to be modified in the future. The process of modifying an order may be more complicated if one or both spouses move to another state. Parents who are seeking child support in another state will be guided by the terms of The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). Typically, the state where the order originates will continue to have jurisdiction over the matter.