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Preparing for a child custody case

When people in Texas get divorced, one of the most difficult issues to resolve can be child custody. An increasing number of family courts favor joint or shared custody whenever possible, and many aim to have both parents agree on a custody solution and develop a parenting plan. However, when the relationship between the parents is more difficult, it can be particularly important for them to be prepared to show important information to protect their relationships with their children. There are some key documents that can be especially crucial to supporting a child custody hearing.

In a child custody proceeding, each party will make written submissions to the family court laying out his or her preferred solutions and the reasons he or she is proposing them. It is also important to fully respond to any arguments made by the other side in the custody petition. Some documents can be helpful to a person's family law attorney when preparing documents in the case. These include any phone call logs between the parent and the child. This can help establish that the parent and the child were in regular contact.

It is also important to show records of the visitation schedule currently in place. A parent who wants to increase his or her custody time might show regular records of his or her visitations while a custodial parent opposing this change might show that the other parent regularly skipped or rescheduled visits. In addition, records belonging to the child, like school materials or medical records, can also help support certain claims.

People who are engaged in a battle over custody with a former partner may need to take action to protect their relationship with their children. A family law attorney can help parents seek a change to a child custody order or put a fair parenting plan in place.

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