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NBA star's wife wants $192,000 in monthly support

Texas residents who follow celebrity news may be aware that former NBA Most Valuable Player Kevin Garnett and his wife of 14 years are getting divorced. When Garnett's wife filed divorce papers in July 2018, she cited irreconcilable differences and sought spousal support for herself and child support for the couple's 6-year-old and 10-year-old daughters. Court documents filed recently in California reveal what she is asking for, and it is unlikely the former basketball star is going to be pleased.

Garnett's wife is seeking monthly spousal support of $146,000 and $46,000 per month in child support to take care of the two girls. She claims the child support award is reasonable because she takes care of the children the overwhelming majority of the time. She is also seeking $300,000 from Garnett to cover her legal expenses. Garnett responded to the original divorce filing in February by submitting papers of his own asking for shared legal/physical custody of the two children.

Garnett should be more than able to make these payments, according to his wife. She says the 15-time All-Star earned about $20 million per year during his playing career and continues to bring in $10 million each year in retirement. The spousal support claim could lead to a bitter legal battle as Garnett says his wife signed a prenuptial agreement before the couple married in 2004.

Experienced family law attorneys may suggest prenuptial agreements to individuals with significant assets to protect. However, these agreements are of little use if they are ruled unenforceable. To increase the chances of a prenuptial agreement withstanding the scrutiny of a judge, an attorney could seek to ensure that the terms are essentially fair and that the other spouse was not coerced.

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