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"Grey's Anatomy" star may pay big for owed family support

Celebrity separations are open to a lot more public scrutiny than the average divorce, which only adds to the challenges faced by any married couple in that situation. In the case of "Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams, court documents reveal that the initial divorce proceedings may not be the end of his struggle over the details of family support and child access. His legal battle over finances and custody with his ex-wife serve as a reminder to all Texas couples about the potential developments of life after divorce.

According to the lawsuit brought by Williams' ex-wife, the actor is being asked to pay roughly $900,000 in back child and spousal support. The couple was married for about five years, during which they had two children together, before separating in 2017. While the two share joint possession of their kids, the arrangement is extremely flexible due to the demanding nature of the actor's work schedule.

The court documents indicate that his ex-wife also has significant complaints about the scheduling and consistency of his access to their two children. She cites his habit of frequently canceling visitation, which creates an unstable situation for the children. In addition to her family support demands, Williams' ex-wife also wants him to commit to a more consistent schedule.

Spousal support and child support are fundamental components of many divorce agreements as the arrangement allows both partners and their children to maintain a normal lifestyle. The above case illustrates how this responsibility continues even after initial separation. Increases in income and net worth can also lead to rising claims for family support as well as open the potential for back compensation.

When a divorced partner begins earning a lot more money, the other party may be eligible to make a claim for additional support. Either party may also seek to limit custody rights or request additional compensation if they can prove that the other parent isn't responsibly exercising child possession and access rights.

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