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Child support problems and potential solutions

Some Texas parents may wonder if it is possible to terminate the obligation to pay child support, especially if they are struggling with a financial crisis or locked in a battle over access with their former partners. In most cases, it is nearly impossible to end the child support obligation before a child turns 18, but there are some actions that people can take to protect their financial health and their rights to have time with their children.

In some cases, parents may want to cut off child support if the parent with possession of the child refuses to allow them access, even at their scheduled times. This can seriously undermine the parent-child relationship. However, child support and access are not linked under the law; parents pay to support their child, not for time with the child. This does not mean that parents being prevented from seeing their children have no recourse. By going back to family court, parents may be able to enforce the existing custody order or even seek a change in the agreement.

In other cases, parents are no longer able to pay high child support costs every month due to financial changes. Support orders are based on state guidelines related to parental income. Unemployment, disability or even a job change can have a serious effect on income. Still, parents cannot just stop paying child support; instead, they can go to family court to seek a modification to the support order that reflects their current income.

Children have a right to be supported by both of their parents as they grow, and raising a child can be costly. However, parents who are facing tough times or who are being excluded from their children may work with a family law attorney to seek a child support modification or protect their rights in family court.

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