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February 2019 Archives

"Grey's Anatomy" star may pay big for owed family support

Celebrity separations are open to a lot more public scrutiny than the average divorce, which only adds to the challenges faced by any married couple in that situation. In the case of "Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams, court documents reveal that the initial divorce proceedings may not be the end of his struggle over the details of family support and child access. His legal battle over finances and custody with his ex-wife serve as a reminder to all Texas couples about the potential developments of life after divorce.

Child support problems and potential solutions

Some Texas parents may wonder if it is possible to terminate the obligation to pay child support, especially if they are struggling with a financial crisis or locked in a battle over access with their former partners. In most cases, it is nearly impossible to end the child support obligation before a child turns 18, but there are some actions that people can take to protect their financial health and their rights to have time with their children.

Consistent rules help co-parents succeed after divorce

Texas couples who struggled to get along while they were together might lack confidence that they can cooperate as co-parents after their marriage comes to an end. If their children are young, the parents will have to work out a child custody schedule. During this process, they should create a clear set of expectations for their children that applies at both parental homes. This approach prevents children from viewing one parent as lenient and fun and resenting the other parent as demanding and obsessed with rules.

Chance the Rapper and fiancee seek modification

Texas music fans might be aware of the long relationship between Chance the Rapper and his fiancee, Kirsten Corley. The pair began dating in 2013 and split in 2016 before getting back together. While they were split apart, Corley filed a child custody and support petition. The couple has now returned to court to modify the court's orders ahead of their upcoming nuptials.

The process of appealing a child custody case

Custody rulings in Texas and throughout the country are made with a child's best interest in mind. However, it is possible for parents to appeal any ruling that a judge makes. This is generally true if the court has issued a complete custody order. Such a ruling is issued after a hearing has been held and there are no other issues that need to be resolved between the parties.

Help for parents who can't afford child support

The best interests of children are usually on everyone's mind when decisions about child support are made. Unfortunately, the family court system in Texas is very flawed, and parents are sometimes required to pay far more than they can actually afford on their level of income. Parents who have this type of financial trouble get a lot of negative attention, sometimes even obtaining the label of deadbeat from the media. As a result, they may too afraid or ashamed to ask for help.