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What to keep in mind when planning a parenting schedule

Parents in Texas who are planning a parenting schedule during divorce should not aim for one that prioritizes their convenience above all. They should also avoid looking at the parenting schedule as an opportunity to win or lose against the other parent. The focus of the schedule should be on what is best for the child and what will support the child's relationship with both parents.

Children face a lot of changes when a divorce happens, and parents should focus on how they will be affected. In planning the schedule, they should take the child's schedule into account and think about transportation between their homes and the child's school. Some parents may be tempted to include provisions in the schedule about future plans. For example, one parent may plan to move closer when the child is older. However, the schedule should be made based on the present situation. If the children are older, they may want to be part of the discussion about the schedule.

Another challenge parents may face is disapproval of the other's parenting styles. If one parent has done most of the day-to-day childcare, that parent may feel that the other one is unqualified to take on this role. However, parents can learn to perform these duties, and children are usually not harmed by different parenting styles.

It is important for parents to distinguish between these differences in parenting styles and actions that may endanger the child. If a parent is abusive or neglectful, the other parent might have to go to court to prevent that parent from having access to the child or to ensure that the parent is only allowed supervised visitation. However, in other cases, it may be best for parents to try to negotiate an agreement instead of engaging in a custody battle.

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