Blake Griffin files paternity paperwork after split with fiancee

People in Texas who follow the careers of Kendall Jenner or basketball player Blake Griffin might know the two are in a relationship. Prior to his involvement with Jenner, Griffin was living with his fiancee Brynn Cameron. The two split up in July, but Cameron only moved out of their home after Griffin and Jenner's relationship became public.

Griffin has taken the first step in getting legally binding child support and custody agreements in place by filing paternity paperwork. According to reports, Cameron has also filed paperwork asking for joint custody and for child support from Griffin. Griffin may dispute the amount asked for despite having signed a deal for $173 million with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Reportedly, Cameron alleges that Griffin left his family for what he perceived as a more glamorous relationship. Her intention is to make sure that she and her children are taken care of.

When parents are unmarried, if the father is not listed on the birth certificate at the time of the child's birth, it may be necessary to first establish paternity to get formal support and custody agreements in place. Some parents might prefer a more informal arrangement to getting the court involved. The problem with this approach is that if one parent does not stick to the arrangement, the other parent may not have a way to make sure the agreement is enforced. This may particularly be the case for a father who has not legally established paternity. However, a legal agreement can also be altered if circumstances change in a way that make it necessary. For example, a parent who has a decrease in income that necessitates a change in child support payments can ask the court for an order modification.

Source: The Blast, "Blake Griffin Filed for Paternity Against Ex-Fiancée After Hooking Up With Kendall Jenner", Daniel Goldblatt, Dec. 26, 2017

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