New child support agreement for Jeremy Renner

Texas fans of actor Jeremy Renner may be familiar with his 5-year-old daughter as well since he frequently posts her photo on social media. Although Renner has said it is difficult being a single father, he wants more children, but he will also be paying more in child support.

Renner and his wife split in 2015 but agreed to share custody of their daughter. Renner also agreed to a child support arrangement of $13,000 monthly. If his income topped $2.3 million annually, he was supposed to up his payments to 5 percent of the excess.

Reportedly, thanks to his role in "The Avengers", Renner's salary now tops $11 million, leaving him to pay an additional $292,000 in child support. The couple came to a new agreement regarding support and decided that his annual payments from 2018 to 2020 would not be more than $200,000. Any additional payments will be placed into a fund for their daughter's education. Money left over from that fund will go to her when she turns 27.

Negotiating child custody and child support during a divorce can be difficult because of the emotional factor. Courts take the position that a biological parent is responsible for supporting any children and that children generally benefit from time with both parents, so even if there is a great deal of conflict between parents, it is likely that the court will encourage an arrangement that gives both parents access to the child. Just as an increase in income may lead to higher child support payments, if a parent has a drop in income that makes it difficult or impossible to keep up with child support payments, that parent should return to court to ask for a modification.

Source: People, "Jeremy Renner Boosts Child Support Deal for Daughter Ava, 5, Because of High Avengers Salary", Stephanie Petit, April 17, 2018