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Substance abuse adds new concerns for children in divorce

Being married to someone with a substance abuse problem in Texas can lead to a number of difficulties, including financial troubles, frequent disagreements and physical altercations. As a result, marriages that involve substance abuse are at a higher risk for divorce. This process is further complicated when children are involved and child safety concerns are raised.

According to an interview conducted by MarketWatch with a Charlotte-based attorney, it is important for the sober parent in a divorce to monitor all interactions children have with the parent struggling with a substance abuse issue. Some parents are unable to provide for basic child care when intoxicated, and they may also take risks like driving while intoxicated with children in the vehicle. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to prove alcohol abuse because the definition of abuse can vary widely. As such, it is important to document abusive behavior and report any signs of physical or sexual abuse to the proper authorities at once.

MarketWatch's interview also recommends that the sober parent in a divorce seeks immediate legal relief if the substance abuse problem becomes a danger to the children. Some solutions may be to file for emergency custody or for the sober parent to fight to receive permanent custody with limited visitation rights for the parent who is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Because divorce cases involving substance abuse and child custody often add additional layers of difficulty, spouses seeking relief may turn to a family law attorney for guidance. A family law attorney may be able to offer legal representation as well as counseling resources for rehabilitation during and after the divorce process. In addition, a family law attorney may work with the parent who is seeking relief to ensure that substance abuse issues are factored into visitation and child custody decisions.

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