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Texas parents might consider nesting for their kids' sake

Since divorce is never easy for anyone involved, some parents have taken to a solution meant to soften the blow for their children. It is called nesting or bird nesting, and the idea focuses around the children staying in the family home while the parents alternate time in and out of the house. Some parents share a small apartment, so when one parent is in the family home with the kids, the other stays in the apartment.

This nesting concept offers children an opportunity for as little interruption in their routines as possible. It gives them the chance to get used to the fact that mom and dad are separating or divorcing without completely turning their world upside down. The kids get to stay in familiar surroundings, and they get to attend their same school. It makes it easier on the children who don't have to pack and move with each visit.

Some mental health professionals agree that nesting is an arrangement that can work for the interim and for the best interests of the child or children. However, they also agree that nesting should only be used for a three to six-month timeframe, and it is important that parents try to remain on good co-parenting terms. Eventually, as the divorce is finalized, everyone will need to adjust to more permanent living circumstances.

When it comes to divorce, there are many decisions to be made regarding the children. Child custody is often a big issue that is determined according to the best interests of the child. Every court in the nation makes that goal its number one priority. An attorney who is adept at family law might be able to offer advice on many subjects involving the children when the divorce of their parents is imminent.

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