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How-to discussion of grandparents' visitation rights

In Texas and throughout the country, the child custody or 'possession" and 'access" laws vary from state to state. One constant is that every court system always considers the best interests of a child.

There are provisions in the laws of every state that determine access rights for grandparents wishing to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren. Grandparents can petition the court to grant them access rights with children of divorce, but the judge will also consider the wishes of the parents. In most cases, a person would need a compelling reason to keep his or her children from visiting with their grandparents. There are also varying laws across the nation regarding grandparent visitation that depend on whether the children's parents are alive or deceased.

Some states require families to work with a mediator if there is a dispute regarding the grandparents' access rights to their grandchildren. A mediator can listen to all points of view from the quarreling family members and offer sound advice. This person may also help parents and grandparents work out a plan that works for everyone and is agreeable with the court.

If it is doubtful that mediation will work when it comes to agreeing on a grandparents' access schedule or creating a plan with the approval of the parent who has physical custody of the children, the case will likely be heard by the court. All participants will need to be prepared to argue their points of view and support any accusations with facts or evidence.

Child custody and visitation issues can be difficult issues to resolve when a divorce causes division among family members. Establishing grandparents' rights and making visitation plans can be complicated. Those who need answers about cases like this might seek the advice of an attorney who understands the various laws surrounding this subject.

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