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Tips to prepare for a child custody hearing

It is best if parents in Texas who are getting a divorce can avoid a child custody battle in court. They might be able to compromise on a joint custody solution. However, if both parents want sole custody and neither is willing to budge, having a judge decide may be the only solution.

Parents may want to work with an attorney as they prepare for the hearing. They also need to be able to demonstrate to the judge that they are acquainted with the important details of the child's life. This includes knowing such things as the names of the child's teachers, any allergies the child may have, what the child's hobbies are and who the child's friends are. Parents may also need to demonstrate that they can provide adequate living arrangements for the child. A judge will look more favorably on a parent who is able to show that they can get along with the other parent.

Dressing and behaving appropriately in court is also important. The judge will take this into account along with any documentation a parent may provide such as visitation logs. Parents may bring in witnesses, such as neighbors or teachers, to testify on their behalf. The judge will then make a decision. Usually, the noncustodial parent will get visitation rights that allow that parent to see the child regularly.

There might be more options for parents who are able to negotiate an agreement. For example, some parents agree to an arrangement in which the children remain in the family home and the parents take turns living there. However, this requires a high degree of cooperation, and not all parents can afford it. There may also be a number of different ways to design a visitation or access schedule that allows a noncustodial parent weekday time with the child as well as some weekends.

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